Oct 31, 2007

I Think The Red Lobster Is Calling My Name...

Halloween was great! I had claws. I had a tail. Heck, I even had tentacles...
And, if this picture isn't enough to satisfy you, well, then stay tuned. There's lots more to come today. I'm all about shellfish, you know :)

Update #1    There's a cordless phone in the bucket, but why would I bother with that? I mean, after all, I'm seeing Almond Joy bars and Reese Cups, too. I may be only seven months old, but I'm not stupid, you know.
Update #2    Do they really expect me to walk around in this get-up?  I guess they do.

Update #3 
I'm an inspiration to lobsters everywhere.  I really am.
Update #4    Even lobsters need their sleep.
Update #5    It was a great 1st Halloween. Just 364 more days to go.
Love ...Owen "Buckethead" Bentley